Top 3 renting Platforms in India 2020

After a huge analysis we came to the conclusion of electing top 3 renting platform in India in 2020. Some of them are specifically serving in a particular category like camera and some of them are serving in more than a category such as car and bike renting. Here we go for a list:

Renting Planet:

This is a renting platform where users can add their products on rent under relevant categories and make some money by renting their products.On the other side of this if other users need the same products, they can contact owner via email or phone number.

India is vast country and everyone is not capable enough to bare the expenses of professional renters like zoom car, wheel stereo, ziphop and rentomojo. Renting Planet gives them an option to look for the products form individuals in a less price. Ultimately both users are getting benefit; users who add the products on rent and resulting in getting money and the user who take the products on rent his getting at huge saving.

For example: you have a DSLR camera but how many days you use it in a year? Let me assume that you are not a professional photographer or photo freak, you use your camera hardly 30 days in a year. You have invested to buy the camera but 335 days in a year, the camera you have bought is kept idle. Isn’t it interesting to post this camera on renting planet at 200-300 INR per days with a refundable security deposit of INR 5,000? If anyone takes your camera on rent for 2-3 days, you can make easily 600-900 INR on one time renting. This is hassle free extra income.

Camera is just an example. renting planet servers in many categories renting like: cars on rent, bike on rent, grooms and brides dresses on rent, books on rent, PGs on rent, rooms on rent, villa on rent, apartments on rent, bluetooth speakers on rent and more.

The world has changed and everyone whats to have access for everything on a single website or the application. Renting Planet is the perfect platform to use.


Wheel Street:

Wheel Street is an online platform for renting two wheelers. It has presence many countries and prove the same services. Wheel Street is based on an aggregator model which makes the process of renting bikes completely hassle-free for its customers.

Wheel Street was founded in 2014 by the group of youngster. Their services are quite user friendly and flexible.



Considering the fact that most people don’t prefer to pay a huge amount at the beginning to buy the furniture or other appliances for their needs. Rentomojo came up with an amazing concept of renting out the products like furniture, appliances, electronics and more. Currently it’s running in major cities of India and getting wide with the time.

Rentomojo provides wide range of special discounts on several occasions. It has short to long term renting subscriptions. This is an idle platform for renting furniture.


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