Top 10 approaches to get more followers on TikTok

Tiktok is the short video creation app for users to show their creativity. It is very popular app now days and most people want be famous on TikTok. I am sharing some very helpful tricks to get more followers on your profile for the beginners.

1. Your appearance in videos

Always get a better quality of your profile picture as well in videos to attract more users. I would recommend you to go to a professional photo grapher to get a good picture to setup on your profile. This is very much helpful when someone visits your profile.

You should use filters to give you a pleasing look in videos. There are varieties of filters available on TikTok but I would recommend you to use S5 filter which is very good even if you are not in good lights. It’s alway recommended to have a clear and attractive background to attract users. Along with this, your dressing sense, hair style and facial expressions play an important role because beauty attracts a lot.

2. Follow and unfollow

It’s surprising but it works positively and effectively to get more followers on your profile. The time you follow the profiles, keep the below information in your mind:

a. Profile should have less followers
b. Profile should have more followings
c. If you find such profiles, go to their followers list and follow them all

If you follow the users too much or quickly, TikTok will show you a warning message like “You are following too fast.” It mean you have to stop following people for couple of hours. I am not sure what mechanism TikTok has setup but if you continuously follow around 100 users, you will get this warning. Don’t follow very famous creators because they will not follow you back. The users who can follow you back are the ones who have less followers in their profiles. If you follow around 100 users, you will surely get your 20 followers back out of 100. Keep on doing the same practice and you will surely increase your followers list in a shorter time period.

If you wish, you can unfollow the people who did not follow you back but don’t unfollow the people who are following you because you are not the famous creator and they can also unfollow you. To maintain the list of your followers, keep them as your friend and sometimes like and comment on their videos to make them feel special.

Once you reach to a certain number of followers like 10K, you can unfollow all which you don’t want in your friend list because now you will have enough followers to get more views, likes and comments on your videos. The much you have followers, the much your videos will be seen because videos populates in their profiles.

You need to mind one thing, the approach you are going to use, possibly others are already using the same approach so when you see the downfall in your followers list, have patience because they may unfollow you right after you follow them. It doesn’t happen in usually but rarely.

3. Liking videos

This is secondary approach to drive more followers to your profile so always bear in your mind that you have to like the videos which have less than 10 likes so that you can be easily noticed by the creator. If you do this, creators will look into your profile and may like you videos and if they like your profile, they may possibly follow you. Don’t like the videos which already have thousands of likes because you will be the part of crowd and the creator may not be able to notice you.

4. Commenting video

Comments work in the same way as liking works but it’s more effective than likes. It’s the same approach to add the comments on videos which have five or less comments. Why five or less? Because the creator who has more than 5 comments or so, possibly the creators are famous and may not notice your comments. On the other side the creators who have less comment or no comments, your comment will be valuable for them. Keep on scrolling the videos on your home page and whenever you find the video with less comments, you can add your comment to bring yourself into their notice. If you frequently add more comments, TikTok may show you the warning like “You are commenting too fast.” Means you need to take a break to comment again on the videos.

5. Liking the comments on videos

For this approach you need to find out the profiles who make same videos like yours. Always bear in your mind that the profile you are looking for should have more comments on their videos so that you can like all the comments on a single video. This way you can save your time rather than looking various profiles and lot of comments on their videos. The best thing about this approach is that tiktok does not show any waring message so you can like unlimited comments of other users. When you like the comments, the comment owners get notification about your likes and they may visit your profile which may be turned into your follower if your profile interest them a lot.

6. Replying the comments on video

This approach is also similar to the above one having the difference of comments and likes. First of all, you need to find out the users who make similar videos of yours and they should be the popular creators. If they are popular creator then they will definitely have more comments on their videos. Why do you have to look for the similar profile? This is why because you will get the list of users who are interested into videos because you make the videos same like the popular creator but users don’t know about you.

For example a user likes the motivation videos from popular creators and suppose you also create the motivational videos. If you see that user in the comment list, you can reply to his/her comment to bring you in his/her notice. Remember this is the same user who is interested in motivational videos like yours. Few users are only interested dancing video and few of them like only fitness related video. So to identify your target followers, you need to look for similar profiles to reach to you target users so that they can be turned into your follower list.

When you find the similar profiles of popular creator, go to their videos and see the comments of other users. You can reply to the user’s comments so that those users can get the notification about your comment which will drive more traffic to your profile. This traffic may possibly converted into your follower list.

7. Post videos regularily

It’s recommended to upload 2-3 videos minimum so that these videos can be spread among the users and by product of that, your profile will get more attention. The more you upload the videos, the more you will be noticed by the users. Even if you do 2-3 videos per day, timing is very important so upload your videos at the time when most people are free. If you upload the videos at the time when people are in office, you will not get more views, likes or comments on those videos. So I recommend you to upload one video in morning and other at the time of lunch break and 2 videos like after the office and after the dinner. Why am I mentioning you these timings because mostly at this time, people are usually free and they surf the TiokTok. I am not very sure about this approach but it matters a lot. In the similar fashion, post more videos during weekends so that videos can be seen by the maximum number of users.

8. Use trending hashtags

It’s very easy to get the trending hashtags which can be found once you click the search button on the home page. You will see the list of hashtags with number of views own those hashtags. It’s not necessary to add relevant hashtags but it’s always better to add relevant so that other users who are looking for your profile can understand your videos. Better you add the hashtags which have views in billions.

Why hashtag is important because if someone searches with hashtag, your profile will be appearing in the search results which may lead more traffic on your profile.

9. Duet with people

Duet is actually the feature of TikTok where you can make split videos with whoever you want. When you duet the video with people, those users get the notification about your duet and surely they will be looking into your profile. It’s beneficial for both of you because if you duet with someone, your followers will look into others users profile as well. Along with this, duet videos get more views, likes and comments because users see two videos in one video.

10. Duet with people

Social media is one of the best way to let your friends know about your TikTok profile. When they see that you are on TikTok and making videos then certainly your friends will look for your profile. Sharing your TikTok profile will not only bring your social media friends but also others.

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