How do I make Rs. 5,000 each month renting my products in India

It seems very exciting when it comes to an extra income apart of your jobs. It’s really something which can change your life and fulfil your small dreams like taking your family on trip, having dinner in a fine-dine restaurant with your loved ones, going out for a movie and affording a pack of popcorns. I have met with more than 1000 people who were well settled in their jobs but when I asked to create extra income without putting extra effort, everyone of them was like wondering. They were very excited to know about the way to generate the extra money. The purpose of that survey was to reach to the conclusion that everyone needs extra money to add extra happiness in their lives.

Considering the fact that India is a developing country and having an additional income is like drop on desert which helps us improving the quality of life. There are a tons of ways to create an extra income but I would suggest you the best of them. Are you excited to know about it? Let me explain you how we can earn extra from our products which are occupying simply the space at our homes by renting them.

There are plenty of rental platforms in India but all of them are for professional rental companies like zip cars, pixellin, royal brothers and more. Let me tell you about a rental platform for individuals to rent their products for free within a minute with very easy steps. This platform has been designed specifically for individuals who have several items at their home and rarely use them such as camera, books, cars, bikes and so on. Along with the product rental, you can post your services on hourly basis like, education consultation, yoga instructor, tutors etc. Let me walk you through the most used categories of products and services in the below list:

Rent your books

It has been centuries when people started taking much interest in reading books because it develops our thought process, gives us the ways to keep ourself active, gives us the direction of life to lead. Reading books is fun and exciting too when it comes to the travelling for a long time, sitting idle in your spare time. There are millions of people who are fond of reading books but due to their tight financial situations, they cannot purchase the books and read. They kill their desires of reading books and stay back with the same what they have. It’s obvious that no one keeps reading the same book over and over again and it’s logical to rent out the books in like 15 rupees per week. One can read ten books by taking them on rent in the same amount of purchasing one book.

Reading novels or books is an addition to many people and they buy plenty of books and keep them at home as library. They people are very strong in terms of knowledge and it’s great to be that. Every successful man has a habit of reading books because a book contains the content after a deep research and analysis. So this unique platform of renting books and other products and services called renting planet, will help the people who have will to read books. One can rent out his/her books and other can take the same on rent so ultimately both will save money.

Rent your camera

We are living in the era of social media and taking pictures from best quality cameras has been an important aspect of life. Everyone wants to look good in pictures. As we know, buying camera is very expensive and everyone cannot afford it. If we look for professional camera renters, prices are very high so it’s better to look for cheap deals on Renting Planet for cameras as all of these cameras are from individuals. And other side of this concept is very interesting.

There are many people who buy the camera and rarely use it mostly on the party occasions or any holiday trips. But, most of the time it’s just resting at their home. Did they ever think to make money from that camera by renting it out? Even if they have thought about it but where to rent that was a big question to them. Now they can easily post their ad of cameras on renting planet with price per day/hour/week and security deposit. They can add unlimited products for free for forever and make money out of it.

Rent your bike

In the city like Goa, thousands of tourists come on daily basis to explore the culture of the city and to have fun. As per the recent data in January 2019, more than 8 lac tourists visited Goa including foreign tourists. This is a big number and Goa is hub for hospitality, food & beverage and rental industry. People come from thousands of miles to visit Goa and spend good amount of time to relax their minds and have fun. Goa is like must visit city in India especially for youngsters. When people come from thousands of miles, it’s not possible for them to bring their own vehicles and it’s practical enough the get the same like bikes, cars and more on rent in Goa.

There are plenty of rental companies and small shops for renting their bikes and scooters on rent in Goa and other similar cities like Pondicherry, Leh Ladakh. These companies can also post their ads on Renting Planet. It will help individuals to rent their own bikes and make some money by putting their renting price and adding some refundable security amount. So it’s not necessary for tourists to look for a rental company because they also find products from individuals even cheaper than professional renters. Professional renting companies are too much in terms of rules and regulations if you return the products beyond the committed time. Getting the products on rent from an individuals will give you the wide range of flexibility and you can always negotiate on the price and over the time. Renting bikes and cars is not only the product, as tourist you can also check for the best properties to stay and tents for making your nights adventure.

Rent accommodation: Rooms, hotels, villas, tents & more

Human life is very hectic now a days so everyone needs some break in the middle. people plan their holiday trips with their friends and family. When they plan the trip, they look for varieties of accommodation such as a complete private villa, a hotel room or tents for camping on hill stations. Let me tell you my own experience as I love travelling especially when it comes adventure like hill station and having bonfire and camping is like an amazing experience. As I do it frequently so I have purchased three tents and I go with my group of friends. I plan this kind of trips 4-5 times in a year and me and my friends use my tents.

So if I count number of days, I use my tents hardly 30-40 days in a year. Rest of the days, it’s simply occupying the space at my home. I can rent out my tent and can make money out of it. Also, it will help others to get the tent in a pocket friendly price. Few people are not a frequent traveler so why they have to buy the tent for one trip? Isn’t it practical to take it on rent? Ofcourse yes, so it’s highly recommended for all the individuals to add their products for renting and make some money. Help others to get the the desired products in affordable price.

Rent your laptop & phones

It seems crazy when we talk about renting smart phones and laptops. Many people have two laptops like one is from the office and another one is the personal one. Most of the time, people use their office laptops as it’s always better in terms of configure and quality. Personal laptops only occupy the space at home. People use those laptops very rarely or just for saving some personal data in that. They can give their products on rent to others and can make some additional income.

When it comes to mobile phones, there are many people who have more than one phone. They can rent that phone and make some money out of it but one question hits into our mind is that why someone should take a phone on rent? This is a general question which will come in everybody’s mind but let me tell you the importance of phones in rent. If my phone has got any problem and I give it to the mechanic. As professional, carrying a phone is very important for me so what will I do? I will surely ask technician to give me another phone until my phone is fixed. Technical may or may not give the phone so I am left with only one option to take the phone on rent. So it’s obvious that if I rent my phone, there are users who are looking or short renting of phones. So let’s add smart phones or laptops if you have for renting and create a parallel income.

Advertise your services

We are living in the time of personal tutor, advisor, consultants and yoga instructors. Everybody is busy in their lives in doing their jobs or businesses. We are not getting enough time to take care of our health and mind. Even if were try for all of these, we need personal trainer or mentor because we don’t have time to go for scheduled classes as our timings are flexible in offices. Renting Planet will help you find your instructor or consultant as per your need.

All the service providers like lawyers, doctors, tutors, dance & music classes, yoga instructors, plumbers, electricians and more, can add their services on renting planet and can increase their reach of the customers. Adding your services on renting planet is free of cost.

So overall objective of writing this blog is to increase the renting methodology so that people who cannot effort to buy the stuffs, can get the product on rent and fulfil their desires. Other side of this is to increase the utilisation of products which are not used on daily basis.

So Let’s join hands together and help others!!!

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