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Renting Planet is a global online marketplace to RENT, SELL & BUY. The purpose of this platform is to maximise the utilisation of products which you rarely use and people around you need those products in a less price. This is basically for individuals to rent and sell out their products and make some money from the rarely used products.

You can add unlimited products on Renting Planet for free with the product rent price per day, per week or per month with a certain security deposit. Professional rental and selling companies can also add their products so that users can reach out to them directly over the phone call or email.

Products that you can rent and sell on Renting Planet include:
  • Electronics: Cameras, televisions, mobiles, laptops, speakers, tablets, iPads and musical instruments
  • Fashion and lifestyle: Bridal accessories and clothes, groom clothes, party wears and dresses for events
  • Furniture: Beds, dining tables, sofas, cabinets, drawers and wardrobes
  • Household: Plates, bowls, wine glasses, coffee mugs, grinder and mixer, toaster, kettle and microwave
  • Transport: Cars, bikes, buses, jeeps, cycles, trucks, autos, vans, ambulances, tractors, skateboards, baby carriage and porters for packing and moving
  • Crockeries: Serving spoons, knifes, mugs, plates, ladles, tongs, cups, glasses, trays, containers, bowls and other items
  • Accommodation: Hotels, room, flats, villas and PGs

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